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Do you feel exhausted? Try the Best Ayurvedic Massage in Anna Nagar and let yourself be indulged. Le Bliss Spa is a massage center that provides high-quality Ayurvedic Massage in Anna Nagar. Our therapists at Le Bliss Spa will assist you in lowering stress and restoring your sense of well-being. Getting a massage relaxes you, and you can make it even more unique by adding essential oils and special massage methods. Get an Ayurvedic Massage in Anna Nagar to turn your regular day into a pleasant one. Visit Le Bliss Spa to know more details about the services or call us @ +91 7305278999 for booking an appointment.

Ayurvedic Massage is the world’s oldest approach for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Oils such as neem oil, mustard oil, safflower oil, and coconut oil are used in Ayurvedic massage. These oils help us in relieving stress, burning more calories, improving skin tone, aiding digestion, reducing cholesterol, and alleviating depression. The therapist will apply the massage oil all over your body. It lubricates your skin while also opening up the pores. The nutrients and minerals in the oil are absorbed by the skin, which eliminates all contaminants. The expert will glide his hands up and down in a gliding motion. This can help to improve blood flow to the heart. These oils provide a variety of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, burning calories, reducing appetite, and boosting mental serenity.

The techniques involved in this ayurvedic massage are kneading, tapping, striking, exerting intense pressure, and employing low strokes. This Ayurvedic massage is considered a type of facial massage for the complete body because the techniques practiced in Ayurveda massage are similar to those used in facial massage. It also polishes your entire body, leaving it gleaming, silky, and free of tan. The chakras, which are responsible for the movement of vital energy in our bodies, are particularly well-served by ayurvedic massage.

There are many varieties of Ayurveda massage and some of them are Shirodhara, Sirovasthi, Navara, and Shila Abhyanga massages. Shila Abhyanga is a hot stone massage that involves placing a hot stone on the body’s surface. These stones have the ability to alleviate all of your anxiety, depression, and stress. Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure in which liquid or therapeutic oils are poured onto our foreheads using Shirodhara equipment. The machine moves forward and backward, pouring one drop of medicinal oil at a time. This massage is beneficial to both mental and physical health.

Sirovasthi is a technique that involves putting a medicinal oil-filled cap on the head for around 20 minutes. Dry skin and headache sufferers will benefit from this method. Navara is a type of massage that involves cooking rice with medicinal oils and herbs in order to nourish our skin. This method reduces the heat in our body and also makes our skin shine.

Udwarthanam is a sort of massage that improves blood circulation by massaging medicinal powder in the direction of blood flow. This massage assists in the burning of calories and the loss of excess fat. Women can try this method to lose weight. This Ayurveda massage would take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Our expert knows the right amounts of ayurvedic oils and the compatibility of each oil for different skin types. Our specialists have received acupressure training and are knowledgeable about all the trigger points. If you’re seeking an Ayurvedic massage in Anna Nagar, Le Bliss Spa is the place to go.

Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is a residential neighborhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The notable landmarks in Anna Nagar are Anna Nagar Arch, Anna Nagar Tower, Anna Nagar West bus depot, Padi grade separator, and Thirumangalam intersection. There are various shops and motels along the arterial road that connects Anna Nagar. Anna Nagar, Twin Arch is one of the most notable landmarks in Anna Nagar. The government spent 1.2 million dollars and took 105 days to finish the arch. Anna Nagar, Tower Park is a popular spot near the Anna Nagar Twin Arch. The Anna Nagar Roundana and the Anna Nagar Ayyappan Temple are also nearby. Anna Nagar has all the amenities like top educational institutes, colleges, hospitals, temples, churches, mosques, children’s parks, libraries, browsing centers, good drainage systems, departmental stores, retail malls, theatres, and so on.

The famous schools in Anna Nagar are Valliammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, D.A.V. Boys Senior Secondary School, British Higher Secondary School, Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, C.S.I. Jessie Moses School, Chennai Public School, and Kendriya Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

The top Hospitals in Anna Nagar are Sundaram Hospital, Apollo hospital, Golden Hospital, Firm Hospitals, Banumathi Thambi Durai hospital, CGHS Hospital, Ashina Hospital, and Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital.

The top colleges in Anna Nagar are Laya Education college, Academy Of Fashion and Textile Technology, Narayana Tech college, Annai Violet Arts & Science College, Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women, Anna Adarsh College For Women, and Remo International College.

The IT companies in Anna Nagar are Orbitz IT Solution – Software Development, SAI Technology Private Limited, Techswipe IT Solutions Private Limited, Netaxis IT Solutions, Third Eye Info Technology, Syncfusion Software Private Limited, Insys IT, Spiceblue, and ACPL – Software Application Development Company.

Anna Nagar is well connected to other areas by bus service. There are two bus stations in Anna Nagar. The west bus terminal in Anna Nagar and the east bus terminal in Anna Nagar are the two bus terminals in Anna Nagar. The west bus station is near the Inner Ring Road, while the east bus station is near Anna Nagar Roundana. The bus stops in Anna Nagar are Anna Nagar Roundtana, Anna Nagar East Bus Terminal, Anna Nagar West Bus Terminal, RR Bus Stop, Thirumangalam EB Office, Substation Bus Stop, M Block Anna Nagar, Arignar Anna Arch, and ICF Bus Stand. Le Bliss Spa is a prominent massage center in Anna Nagar that provides a variety of massage services. If you are located in and around Anna Nagar, step into our spa to experience a high-quality Ayurvedic massage. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Today!.

FAQ About Ayurvedic Massage in Anna Nagar

You can book your appointments by contacting our customer service number 7305278999. You can clarify all your doubts with the receptionist while booking your appointment.

Please be ten minutes before your appointment time. This will help you to get ready and settle down without any hurry.

You can inform your allergies to the receptionist while booking the appointment. Also, inform the therapist before the massage session.

Yes, we provide offers during special occasions and we also provide gift cards for our customers for their regular visit.

The therapist will give you the massage room to get undressed and they will enter only after you get to settle down.

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Rated 5 out of 5

I experienced an Ayurvedic massage here. The bed was so clean and the room was so hygienic. The massage was so relaxing and mesmerizing. The staff gave me a warm welcome and the therapists here are well skilled in all massage techniques. I recommend everyone to try this once.

Rated 5 out of 5

I had constant skin irritation issues. I tried many varieties of skin creams and medications. Nothing gave me a permanent solution. This ayurvedic massage was excellent, and it significantly lowered my stress and body heat. Now, my skin is glowing like the sun.

Rated 5 out of 5

My brother recommended an Ayurvedic massage here. The therapist provided me with a super Ayurvedic massage experience. Their service was satisfactory to me. Thanks to the therapist who did my massage. Le Bliss Spa is a place where you may relax and unwind.

Rated 5 out of 5

I was looking for a nearby massage spa for a long time. Ayurvedic massage is something I have never experienced before. This was my first massage experience in Le Bliss Spa. I felt revitalized and relaxed after using the ayurvedic oils. This massage made my day.

Rated 5 out of 5

At Le Bliss Spa in Anna Nagar, I had an Ayurvedic massage. I enjoyed the way of massage and the fragrance of herbal oils. This massage helped with all my body pain and mental stress. I really liked their service and their ambiance.


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