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In India, Ayurveda is considered a medicinal system for a long time. The main goal of this ayurvedic massage is relaxation and to balance the sen energy. The oils used in this massage are neem oil, mustard oil, safflower oil, and coconut oil. These oils help us to relieve stress, burn calories, improve skin tone, aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and alleviate depression. Ayurveda concentrates on the five natural elements (air, space, fire, water, and earth) that occur within all of us. These five elements are mainly responsible for the balancing of our bodies. They all should be in the correct ratio, if they get imbalanced we may fall sick. Here, ayurvedic massage helps us by balancing the five elements.

Though there are many ayurvedic oils, the expert will suggest the correct oil according to our skin type. The common skin types are dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. During this massage, the expert will apply the oil all over the body and make your skin nourish. The pores in our skin surface open up and absorb the oil when the expert applies the massage oil to our body. The pores get cleaned up and absorb all the nutrients from the oil. Then the expert will continue with ayurvedic massage techniques like kneading, compressing, tapping, pressing, hitting, giving firm pressure, and low strokes. After completing the basic massage techniques the expert will trigger the pressure points using the ayurvedic oil. Applying pressure to the pressure points helps in refreshing the body and regulating the energy channels.

There are many types of massage in Ayurveda massage, some of them are Shirodhara, Sirovasthi, Navara, and Shila Abhyanga massage. Abhyanga is a type of ancient massage that uses gentle strokes and massage oils. The Ayurvedic oil is applied to the body surface, which causes the pores in the skin to open up. The oil is absorbed by the skin’s surface and is used to eliminate grime. This oil also aids in the smoothing of the skin, the reduction of skin tan, and the maintenance of healthy skin. In this massage hot stones are also used to promote relaxation.

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapeutic practice that includes equipment pouring a liquid upon your forehead, usually oil, milk, buttermilk, or water. It focuses on rebalancing your body’s life forces, known as doshas. It helps in better sleep, manages insomnia, and reduces stress. Sometimes some unique ayurvedic oils are used based on your medical history. The oils used in this are sesame oil, coconut oil, ksheerabala oil, and mahanarayan oil.

Sirovasti is an ancient ayurvedic practice in which the patient’s head will be fitted with a leather cap. The leather hat is soaked in lukewarm medicinal oil and left to act as a dam for 30 to 60 minutes. It helps us in reducing headache, and migraine problems. Nivara is a special treatment that is mainly used for curing neuromuscular disorders. The rice cooked with medicinal herbs to which milk has been added makes the body smooth, removes stiffness of joints, promotes better sleep, cleanses the body channels, and improves blood circulation.


Velachery is one of the commercial, popular and crowded areas in Chennai. The nearby areas are Guindy, Taramani, Perungudi, Madipakkam, Adambakkam and Pallikaranai.

The Dhandeeswaram temple is the oldest in Velachery, and it contains several epigraphs from kings Gander Aditya Chola, Raja Raja Chola I, and Rajendra Chola I. Velachery was previously known as Vedasirani, which means “site of Vedas.” Velachery is now a fully built community with all amenities. Velachery’s Velachery Aquatic Complex is the first complex to have a swimming pool with all facilities. It was constructed by the Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority (SDAT) to serve as one of the venues for the 1995 South Asian Games. The facilities at the complex are a racing pool, one diving pool, one warm-up pool, VIP lobby, change rooms, shower cubicles, physiotherapy room, first aid, CCTV, control room, electronic scoreboard, gym, commentator box, and seats for more than 3,000 spectators.

The top schools in Velachery are Guru Nanak Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Arsha Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School, ST Savio Matriculation Higher Secondary School, David Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Akshaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, AGM Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School, Dav Baba Vidyalaya Matriculation school, and Bethel Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The colleges in Velachery are Jerusalem College of Engineering, Balaji Dental College, and Gurunanak College. Velachery has hospitals like Neolife Children’s Hospital, Prashanth Super Speciality Hospital, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Dr.K.K.Raja’s dental hospital, Bloom Fertility & Healthcare Hospital, Xcellent Care Hospital, and Dr. Kamatchi Memorial hospital. The popular massage center in Velachery is Le Bliss Spa which offers you all kinds of massage services. ¬†Visit us to get a quality Ayurvedic Massage in Velachery. Call us to book an appointment. Today!.

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I have dry skin and don’t know how to care for it. White patches appeared as a result of my skin’s dryness. Finally, I’ve decided to go on with this ayurvedic massage. It made a significant difference in my life. It was really awesome and I liked it.

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For several days, my skin was affected severely. I tried a variety of skin treatments and medications. Nothing provided me with a long-term remedy. This ayurvedic massage was excellent, and it significantly lowered my stress and body heat. My skin is no longer dry.

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I was looking for a massage spa near my home. Ayurvedic massage is something I haven’t had before. This was my first massage experience. I felt revitalized and relaxed after using the ayurvedic oils. The ambiance here is very pleasant. It’s very nice.

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Here, I had an Ayurvedic massage. I enjoyed the way they treated me and the smell of oil. The massage gave me relief from all my physical aches and stress. I’m overjoyed, and it’s allowing Le Bliss Spa.


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