Benefits of essential oils used in the aromatherapy massage

Nowadays our mornings start with checking our phone messages even while brushing, having breakfast along with checking our emails and attending our office calls while driving. This is how we lead our everyday life and do you think this monotonous way of leading your life will give you a peaceful and healthy mind. Definitely “No”, but we can’t avoid these things. The only way is to, give our body and mind the rest it deserves whenever we have time. Relaxing your body and mind will benefit you in overall health. Rejuvenate and pamper yourself by getting massage therapy. Massage therapies are different and distinct from any other relaxing methods. Because they help in boosting your mental and physical health exponentially. In this blog, you will know the benefits of essential oils used in aromatherapy massage. If you are seeking a Massage in Anna Nagar, then book your appointment at the best spa and get pampered yourself.

What is an Essential oil?

Essential oils are specific aromatic oils that are extracted from medicated plants. The aroma present in the oil will give you many health benefits. The oils are extracted using the distillation process which includes the plant’s flower, stem, leaves, roots and stem. The smell receptor present in our nose gets activated by the fragrance of the essential oils. The receptor also sent the signal to the brain to secrete the happy hormones. Then the hypothalamus region in the brain will start the secretion which will boost up your mood. The happy hormones secreted are dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. The therapist won’t use the essential oils directly on the skin surface because these oils are highly concentrated. These oils are mixed with massage lotions, massage oils or carrier oils. The carrier oils are nothing but jojoba oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Some of the massages like Aromatherapy and Balinese massage include the practice of essential oils. Let us discuss the essential oils and their uses further. Enjoy your massage with your favourite essential oil at the best Spa in Chennai.

Common essential oils and their benefits

Every essential oil differs in fragrance, concentration and also benefits. All the essential oils benefit you in a unique way. Get all the aroma oil benefits by entering the best Massage Centre in Velachery.

Peppermint: This is one of the highly suggested essential oils during the aromatherapy massage. Peppermint oil will give you a refreshing and pleasant feel. Massaging the body using peppermint oil will benefit you in treating body pain, avoiding headaches, removing muscle inflammation and also helping in migraines.

Lavender: This essential oil is extracted from the lavender flower of the plant named “Lavandula latifolia”. This lavender oil is extracted by the steam distillation process. This oil benefits you in treating depression, allergies, nausea, fungal infection and insomnia.

Rose: Rose essential oil is extracted from the different types of roses. The oil is prepared by smashing many petals simultaneously. Approximately, 252,000 rose petals will give you a 5ml bottle of this rose essential oil. This oil helps you in treating chronic pain, elevating mood, reducing menstrual cramps, and decreasing stress and depression.

Chamomile: As the name indicates, it is extracted from the medicinal plant called chamomile. This is also one of the essential oils that is used during aromatherapy and Balinese massage. This essential oil helps you in treating digestion problems, removes muscle knots, skin allergies, lower back pain and promotes better sleep. Chamomile essential oil improves blood circulation to all the organs which promote the functioning of the organ.

Here we have discussed the essential oils and their benefits. If you are looking for a Massage Centre in Chennai, then choose your favourite spa in Massagefinder. Enjoy your massage by booking your appointment right now!.