Foot Reflexology and its benefits

Our nervous system gets activated when we feel an emotion. .If the feeling is a bad one, stress is the reaction of our body. Blood pressure increases and the heart rate is higher. People with depression have a high degree of ‘cortisone’ or the stress hormone in their body, in accordance with the hypothesis. This influences the nervous system, the reaction to such conditions and the general mood.  Book Massage in Velachery, Now!

While it is possible to relieve depression with treatment, undertaking a Massage in Chennai is always a better choice. 

Foot Reflexology 

Reflexology works on the fundamental principle that certain foot areas are related to certain parts of the body. Energy flow gets unblocked and stress is released by adding pressure to these points and massaging them. Reflexology also facilitates increased drainage in the foot and breaks down lactic acid. Visit the best Massage Parlour in Chennai for Foot Reflexology, Now!

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Usually, a foot reflexology session involves sitting in a supportive and wide chair with the legs saturated with mineral salts in warm water. Usually, the Body Massage Chennai treatment is 45 minutes to an hour during which the massage therapist activates the nerve endings to cure the whole body. Aside from physical effects, routine foot reflexology will also mentally heal interpersonal issues. Visit the Massage Center in Chennai, Now!

How does reflexology impact depression?

Blockages in the energy flow of the body are the primary cause of depression, according to the philosophy of massage. And reflexology targets those blockages and complicates the flow of energy. Book Full body Massage in Chennai, Now!

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By stimulating nerve endings on the feet, Reflexology can:

  • Eliminating the body’s concentration of toxins 
  • Making it easier for blood to flow to body organs 
  • The Endocrine Cell Kickstart 
  • Free pathways for the nervous system to function optimally 
  • Induce loosened states 
  • Promoting the release of the positive hormone (endorphins), which in turn minimises body tension 

The emotional mechanisms get released because of these advantages, and depression starts to ease. Talk to the massage therapist  first before you start trying foot reflexology as a cure for depression. It makes the procedure much smoother to bring everything out in the open and the effects are much better. Book Best Massage in Chennai, Now!


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