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Are you drained out? Get back your lost energy by taking a massage in the best Head Massage Centre in Chennai. Le Bliss Spa is the best place to experience the Head Massage in Chennai. Our professional experts can throw out all your body pain in a minute and turnout your day into a blissful one. When we are stressed out we all will have the habit of taking a head massage by ourselves. What if we get ahead massage from the hands of a professional. It would be refreshing and rejuvenating. Visit Le Bliss Spa to experience the Best Head Massage in Chennai or call us @ +917305344552 | +91 7305278999 for booking an appointment.

Head massage is a common type of massage which is practiced by every person in this world. Usually, people experience a head massage only to reduce their stress but the benefits of a head massage are quite higher than we think. The Indian head massage is also called Champissage which is practiced for many years. Head massage is a massage that includes standard techniques on the head, neck, arms, and shoulders. This massage can be performed using massage oils and without massage oils. The therapist concentrates more on the scalp which increases the hair growth. The therapist will start the head massage by applying massage oil, avocado oil, almond oil, mustard oil, or coconut oil which can reduce the heat in the body.

Applying coconut oil to our head can benefit us in many ways like improving blood circulation, adding nutrients and minerals to our hair, reducing dandruff, strengthening the root hairs, and reducing hair fall. The therapist will continue the massage by detangling our hair. Then they further continue with a smooth massage in the head which helps the scalp to absorb the oil. The therapist performs the massage using their fingers, palms, and thumbs. The massage will be done front and back of the head. Then the therapist will continue massaging on the forehead with little strokes and low pressure. Compared to high pressure, giving low pressure during the massage can give more relaxation and calmness. Massaging the head in a circular motion can increase the blood circulation to the head and avoids headaches.

The Massage is further continued with the neck. The therapist will rub the neck with the fingers on both sides. Rubbing the neck up and down can relax the muscles and avoid injuries. Massaging at the backside of the head can strengthen our skull and promote relaxation. If you are a person who faces lots of tension, then massaging at the backside of the head can promote more calmness and mental peace. The therapist will continue the massage with high pressure. This can relieve all your tension and regulate the nervous system.

Head massage also includes scalp massage which is mostly preferred by all people. Most of the men take head massages in a salon, which can reduce their stress temporarily. That massage won’t contain any proper method that can relax you only temporarily. But the experts of Head Massage in Chennai know about all the acupressure points and standard massage techniques. When the scalp is massaged, the pressure is applied to the nerves in the head which helps in the secretion of happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin. It boosts our mood and promotes relaxation and calmness. Massaging the scalp can increase the blood circulation in our head and also helps with the healthier growth of hair.


Chennai is one of the most popular and crowded cities in Tamil Nadu. Earlier Chennai was called Madras and the name has been changed after the year 1996 officially. It is the most visited city by tourists in the State of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is a developed city with facilities like schools, colleges, shopping malls, theatres, monuments, government offices, IT sectors, parks, departmental stores, mahals, temples, and other cultural places. In the year 2015, Chennai was ranked as 43rd-most visited city in the world.

In the year 2019, Chennai was ranked as the 36th-most visited city in the world. Chennai is the motherland for most of the film industries. The old Buildings in Chennai are Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Temples at Mamallapuram, Fort St. George, Southern Railway headquarters, Ripon Building, Government Museum, Senate House of the University of Madras, Amir Mahal, Bharat Insurance Building, and Victoria Public Hall.

The languages spoken in Chennai are Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. Chennai has almost 1,240 slums which is a home for many people. Government Museum is also called the Madras museum which is located on the Pantheon Road in Egmore. It is the second oldest museum in India and the third-largest museum in the world. The National Art Gallery is the oldest art gallery in India which is located near the Government Museum. Chennai has a broad platform in the automobile, computer, technology, hardware manufacturing, IT, software, and healthcare sectors.

According to Forbes magazine, Chennai is the 4th city to host many IT companies. The list of automobile companies in Chennai is Royal Enfield, Hyundai, Renault, Robert Bosch, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Yamaha Motor, Daimler AG, Caterpillar Inc., Komatsu Limited, BharatBenz, Ford, BMW, and Mitsubishi. Chennai Trade Centre is a complex which hosts several exhibitions, and trade fairs. It is located in Nandambakkam on Mount-Poonamallee Road. The facilities in Chennai Trade Centre are smoke detectors, audio and video system, banquet hall, business center, information booth, parking facilities, meeting rooms, and infra-red digital interpretation systems.

The popular shopping malls in Chennai are Express Avenue (EA), Chennai Citi Centre, Gold Souk Grande Mall, Abirami mega mall, VR Chennai Mall, Spencer Plaza, Ampa Skywalk, Phoenix Market City, and Forum Vijaya Mall. The most famous multiplexes in Chennai are Sathyam Cinemas, Escape Cinemas, Devi, Phoenix, and Mayajaal.

The most popular parks in Chennai are Chennai snake park, Independence day park, Guindy National park, Semmozhi poonga, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Nageswara Rao park, Anna Nagar Tower Park, and Jeeva park. The transport facilities of Chennai city are excellent. There are Airport facilities, Train facilities, and Bus facilities in Chennai. Chennai Airport is used by almost around 15 million people. Chennai city has four major railway terminals and they are Chennai Central, Chennai Egmore, Chennai Beach, and Tambaram. There is also a metro rail service which gets started with St.Thomas mount station and consists of 40 stations. Visit Le Bliss Spa in Chennai to get a professional Head Massage in Chennai. call us @ +917305344552 | +91 7305278999 for more details.

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I took a Head massage here. The massage service was good and refreshing. This is an excellent place for relaxation. The environment is so pleasant. I liked their service. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for giving me a wonderful experience.

Varun Sharma
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I was looking for a good Massage Centre near my home in Chennai. But wherever I massage it’s not up to my expectations. Then I tried here just for the sake. I just loved it. Especially the therapist here is very kind which made me more comfortable.

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My friend Vaishnavi recommended me to have massage therapy. I booked an appointment here. It gave me extreme relaxation and now I feel good and pleasant.

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I had a headache for a long time, I don’t know what to do. I decided to treat it naturally without taking any pills. First, I consulted some ayurvedic doctors but at last, I have chosen massage therapy to treat my Headache. When I searched for spa centers in Chennai, yes this spa is very good. Le Bliss Spa helped me to overcome my headache.

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My friends suggested Le Bliss Spa and insisted on taking a massage here. I booked an appointment in Le Bliss Spa for a Head massage. The service was very good and enjoyed my massage session. The therapists are also very kind.


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