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Body Massage in Hormavu

We all need a break from our daily routine. Tired of stress, anxiety, depression and problems. Massage is an art that soaks you in the sea of relaxation. Get rid of all your stress and worries by getting a massage in the best Massage Centre in Hormavu. The therapist here are well skilled and experienced in this field. They suggest you the best suitable massage based on your medical history. Choose your favorite spa with the help of Massagefinder and get rejuvenated.

The various kinds of massages offered are

  1. Aromatherapy massage in Hormavu
  2. Swedish massage in Hormavu
  3. Deep tissue massage in Hormavu
  4. Traditional Thai massage in Hormavu
  5. Balinese massage in Hormavu

Massage is a technical way of healing the body that includes pressing, friction, stroking and stretches. The person who performs the massage is called a therapist or masseur(male) or masseuse(female). The therapist will give a massage using their hands, fingers, palm, elbows and feet. The common techniques in massage are effleurage, kneading, petrissage, friction and tapotement. Get a Massage in Hormavu and get delighted.

An aromatherapy massage is named for the aromatic oils used during the session. This massage includes the common massage techniques but differs only by the practice of essential oils. These oils are nothing but the pure form of medicinal plants. The oil is extracted from the plant’s root, stem, leaves, flowers and buds. The most common oils used during the massage are lavender, vetiver, chamomile, orange, ginger, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint. This massage treats skin issues, indigestion, muscle inflammation, wrinkle and improves blood circulation.

Swedish massage is the common massage that includes many massage techniques during the session. This massage mainly helps in improving the energy flow in the body. Swedish massage includes techniques like percussion, kneading, vibration, strokes, tapping and rolling. These techniques will reduce body pain, stress and also boost mood. The strokes given by the masseuse will increase the blood circulation to the heart. This will give you a healthy heart. Book an appointment for your Swedish Body Massage In Horamavu today!.

Deep tissue massage is one that treats the interior layer of the muscles. Athletes and sportsperson often take this massage to improve their game performance. The techniques in this massage are unique and of high pressure. If you are afraid of high pressure, inform the therapist about your pressure level. This massage helps in removing the muscle knot, muscle pain and muscle inflammation. Deep tissue massage helps in improving your game performance.

Thai massage is originated from the place called “Thailand”. The speciality of the massage is this massage does not include any massage oil or lotion. The techniques used in this massage are different from the other massages. Thai people practised this massage in a big hall for many people at the same time. The benefits of this massage are lowering stress, improving sleep, boost up energy, treating migraine, improving blood circulation and increasing flexibility.

Balinese Massage in Hormavu is as same as aromatherapy massage that includes the practice of essential oils. This massage is originated from the place called “Bali”, Indonesia. The essential oils used in this massage are rose oil, ylang-ylang oil, lavender, peppermint and other carrier oils. The special essential oil used in this massage is “Frangipani essential oil” which is extracted from the flower “frangipani”. The oil benefits in treating headaches, migraine, indigestion, back pain, promotes blood flow, increase concentration and energy flow. Get all these benefits by getting a full body massage in Hormavu.

Horamavu is one of the localities in Bangalore, Karnataka. The nearby areas of hormavu are Banaswadi, Ramamurthy Nagar and Kalkere. The Krishnarajapuram railway station in Hormavu is the crowdest station in Bangalore. This junction is located 3 km away from Bangalore and 35 km away from the Kempegowda airport.

In the initial stage, this Horamavu is a village with many mangroves, farming lands and orchards. Now, it has been developed into a locality with all the modern facilities. Horamavu has facilities like schools, institutes, departmental stores, modern apartments, good drainage systems, parks, government offices, IT companies, shopping malls, theatres and so on.

The educational sectors in Horamavu are Mehras Educational institute, Vibgyor matriculation school, St. Vincent Pallotti School, Narayana and Chaitanya school, Christian group of institutions, Deva Matha High School and Navneetam college of nursing.

The famous parks in Horamavu are Bhuvanagiri Park, Dr. Rajkumar Park, Dharamshi park, Classic Royale Garden, Hemaamudha Park, Kanakadri Garden and BDA Park. People form many places visit these parks with their friends, family and their loved ones.

The popular shopping malls are Gopalan Signature Mall, Princess Mall, Krishna Mall, Fish Spa shopping Mall, Elements Mall and Ruthus Mall. These are the best shopping malls in Bangalore. You can get all the branded products from these shopping malls.

The famous temple in the Horamavu region is Shiva Temple, Shakti Ganesha Temple, Patalamma Temple, Sri Saneeswara Temple, Munishwara Temple, Venugopala Swamy Temple and Munishvara Temple. Many people visit these temples to worship god. In these temples, they do special poojas during special occasions and on friday’s.

There are many Massage Centre in the Horamavu region that offers rejuvenating massage and spa services. Pick your favourite spa at Massagefinder and get a pampering massage.

FAQ About Massage in Hormavu

You can make your appointment by giving a call to our reception or our customer service number. If you have any questions or queries, you can clarify them with the receptionist while booking the appointment.

Arriving ten minutes before the appointment time is most advisable. So that you will get some time to make yourself comfortable. Within ten minutes, you can get relaxed and settle without any hurry.

Please don't hesitate to inform the therapist about your allergies. Inform the receptionist about your medical history while booking appointment so that they will suggest the best massage that suits you.

Usually, during the massage, they will use essential oils and carrier oils. These oils are extracted from natural medicinal plants, so there won't be any side effects. Furthermore, you can inform the therapist if you dislike the oil smell.

It is entirely based on the massage you select. Mostly, try to wear loose clothes because it would be more comfortable for the therapist during the massage session.

We provide offers during festivals. For the regular customers we provide gift cards and vouchers.

Recent Reviews about Body Massage In Hormavur

Rated 5 out of 5

It was a new experience for me. The staffs are kind and humble. The therapist used different techniques during the massage and I felt refreshed. I suggest you all book your appointment today and enjoy your massage therapy.

Rated 5 out of 5

As a working woman, I use to balance both my office and family. It is very difficult for me and even I get stressed. So, I got a body massage that relaxed me from all my stress and pressure. The massage service is very good and I liked it.

Rated 5 out of 5

For a long time, I was looking for a good spa near my house. I booked a massage appointment at a spa. The massage service is really good and affordable. The Spa Manager treated me well and cleared all my doubts patiently. Thanks, Massagefinder.

Rated 5 out of 5

I am a teacher, I have to many things simultaneously. Most of the time I feel stressed. So, one of my colleagues suggested taking this massage therapy. Then I booked an appointment with the help of The body massage I took was really amazing.

Rated 5 out of 5

I tried a Balinese massage which gave me an amazing feel. The front desk person gave me a warm welcome and answered all my questions politely. The Ambience was pleasant and calm. Really, it’s good and I will suggest this to all my friends and family.

Rated 5 out of 5

I took a Body massage, it was really an amazing experience. It was refreshing and rejuvenating. The staffs are very kind and treated me well. I thank the therapist who did my massage. I enjoyed the overall massage session.


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