Knowing the Techniques used in Massage Therapies

Most people start their day with stress and work tension. We live life almost like a machine. Even a machine will have to rest when the battery gets drained. We run after our work schedules even without having a proper breakfast. Take some rest by relaxing your body and mind. Most of us relax our minds by scrolling the newsfeed, social media posts, listening to music, shopping, sleeping, and watching movies. This is what we all think of relaxation, but the actual relaxation depends on calming the mind and soul. Massage is one of the best choices for relaxing our body physically, mentally, and spiritually. In this blog, you will know about the techniques used in massage therapies. If you are searching for a Body Massage in Anna Nagar, then enter Le Bliss Spa where you can get the best massage services.

Why should I get a massage?

Massage is considered a therapy for maintaining our entire body. You can get a massage for different parts of the body like the hand, foot, head, and also for the full body. The person who performs the massage therapy is called the “Therapist”. There are plenty of massages and the common massages among them are Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Traditional Thai massage, Head massage, Foot massage, Balinese massage, Pregnancy massage, Hot stone massage, and Trigger massage. These massages are the same and they differ in procedure and techniques. Let us discuss the various massage therapy techniques used during the massage session. Get your favorite Massage in Velachery and get pampered.

The common techniques used during the massage


It is a common technique that is performed in all massages. Effleurage massage techniques are sliding over the tissues in the muscles of the body. The therapist will use both hands to slide the skin. The pressure of effleurage differs for every massage. This is the first technique that is practiced in all massage therapies. The massage starts with firm gliding and ends with some stretching. Getting a stroking massage will give relief from the body pain and muscle knots.


During this technique, the therapist will give pressure on the muscles that improve the blood circulation to the heart. The therapist will squeeze, pick up, shake and roll the muscles. This kneading massage technique is started by giving mild strokes and ends with larger strokes to remove the muscle pain and muscle knots. Relax your muscles by getting a massage at the best Spa in Chennai.


In this technique, the therapist will beat, tap, and press the muscles in the body. Performing this technique will calm down the entire nervous system. This will reduce all the stress, work pressure, tension, and anxiety. The therapist will perform some massage movements like strokes during the massage that will remove the lymphatic blockages in the body.

Deep Transverse friction

This technique mainly focuses on muscle pain, muscle knots, and muscle inflammation. It also prevents you from muscle-related issues. The therapist will make friction on the muscles using both the palms of the hands. The friction will increase the blood circulation in the body.

Cross friction

Cross friction is also known as Transverse friction massage or cross-fiber massage. The hands are kept in cross-section and massaged using the thumb fingers of both hands. Doing this cross friction will relieve body pain, prevent adhesion and increase hemoglobin.

In this blog, we have discussed the various techniques used during the massage session. If you are looking for a Massage in Chennai, then check out massagefinder where you can choose your favorite massage.