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Body Massage in Malleswaram

We all crave a break after a tiring day. Giving time for a break is giving time for yourself. So, take a break to relax and rejuvenate yourself. One of the best choices for settling your mind and body is massage therapy which can maintain your body internally and externally. If you are looking for Massage Centre in Malleswaram, choose your favourite one through Get your massage service at the best spa by booking your appointment. The common services that are provided at every spa are :

1. Swedish massage in Malleswaram
2. Aromatherapy massage in Malleswaram
3. Deep tissue massage in Malleswaram
4.Traditional Thai massage in Malleswaram
5. Balinese massage in Malleswaram

Massage is a practice that helps in improving our health. Massages are of many types, and they all benefit in a specific way. Get a Massage in Malleswaram and get delighted.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most prefered massage, which includes a variety of techniques. Swedish massage is a type of therapeutic massage that benefits the muscles in the body. This Massage in Malleswaram incorporates a variety of massage techniques, which makes it a unique one. It is the most recommended massage that is most beneficial in treating chronic body pain when it comes to body pain. The techniques used in this massage will help to remove excess fat and lactic acid from the muscles. By removing the pain, the muscle will feel light and strong.

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is famous for the aromatic compounds used in this massage. People love this massage because of the practice of essential oils. The essential oils are not directly applied to the skin surface because of the high concentration of the oils. So, they are blended with some carrier oils or massage oils. The common essential oils used during the massage session are eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, ylang-ylang, vetiver, peppermint, bergamot, and so on. When these oils are applied to the skin, the smell receptors will activate the hypothalamus part. This will boost up the mood by increasing the secretion of happy hormones.

Deep Tissue Massage

In comparison to other massages, this deep tissue massage uses high-pressure techniques. The long strokes in this massage will release all of the stress and remove the pain that has built up beneath the muscles’ deep layers. Get advice from your doctors before getting this massage. This massage is also included in the list of high-pressure massages. This massage benefits in improving flexibility, increasing blood circulation, promoting a good mood and increasing the secretion of happy hormones. Get your deep tissue massage in Massage Centre in Malleswaram and get rid of all the muscle-related issues.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is almost a yoga massage that includes many yoga techniques. This massage includes techniques like acupressure, acupuncture, stretches and yoga positions. This is a special type of massage that does not include any massage oil or lotion. Usually, this massage is practised in Thailand, but it is performed in all places nowadays. This massage is provided in all spas. The benefits of this massage are reducing muscle pain, removing muscle pain, increasing muscle flexibility and promoting relaxation.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a full-body treatment that has its origin in Bali. It is a combination of strokes, reflexology, acupressure, and the use of essential oils are all part of this massage. The techniques are similar to aromatherapy massage, and some of them are rolling, hitting, stroking, kneading, stroking and tapping. This Body Massage in Malleswaram is highly suggested for people who lose their energy and has more mental stress. The massage primarily focuses on the circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy flow. This massage is the perfect choice for you if you are fatigued or depressed. It boosts your energy levels and helps in cell reproduction.


Malleswaram is located in the northern part of Bangalore in the zone of BBMP. The most popular landmark in Malleswaram is the world trade centre. The famous shopping malls are Orion Mall and Mantri Square.

The famous religious places in Malleswaram are Sri Gangamma Devi Temple, Sri Banashankari Temple, Sri Chikkalanna Swamy and Shani temple, Sri Gangamma Devi Temple, Kadu Malleshwara Temple, Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Sai Baba Temple, Kadu Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, Sri Dakshinamukha Nandi Temple and Sri Venugopalaswami Krishna Swami Temple.

The popular schools in Malleswaram Shlok International School, Sri Vidya Mandir High School, Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleshwara, Sri Vidya Mandir Educational Society, Sharadha Vidya Nikethan Primary School, Cluny Convent High School, MLA English Nursery School and Nirmala Rani High School.

The famous shopping malls in Malleswaram are Mantri Square Mall, Kaatwalk, Happy Land, U P Royal Complex, BMT Complex and Kaira shopping mall. There are many spas in Malleswaram that offers all kind of spa services as per your need. The therapist here are professionals and gives you the best massage experience. Make your day a special one by booking an appointment at Massagefinder in the best Massage Centre in Malleswaram.

FAQ About Massage in Malleswaram

You can make your appointment by calling our receptionist or our customer service number. If you have any queries, you can clarify them with the receptionist while booking the appointment.

Arriving ten minutes before the appointment time is most advisable. So that you will get some time to make yourself comfortable, within ten minutes, you can get relaxed and settle without any hurry.

Please don't hesitate to inform the therapist about your allergies. Inform the receptionist about your medical history while booking an appointment to suggest the best massage that suits you.

Usually, they will use essential oils and carrier oils during the massage. These oils are extracted from natural medicinal plants, so there are no side effects. Furthermore, you can inform the therapist if you dislike the oil smell.

It is entirely based on the massage you select. Mostly, try to wear loose clothes to be more comfortable for the therapist during the massage session.

We provide offers during festivals. For regular customers, we provide gift cards and vouchers.

Recent Reviews about Body Massage In Malleswaram

Rated 5 out of 5

It was a fantastic experience. It was the nicest massage I’ve ever had. It gave me a fully calm and refreshing feel after the session, and I didn’t want it to end. I am eagerly waiting for my next appointment.

Rated 5 out of 5

I tried a Balinese massage for the first time here. The staff here eliminated all of my doubts without any hesitation. There was a relaxing and comfortable ambience in the room. I’m going to tell all of my friends and family about it. Thanks, Massagefinder.

Rated 5 out of 5

For the first time, I tried a Balinese massage here. All of my doubts were cleared by the professionals here. There was a soothing and pleasant atmosphere there. It’s was a great experience, and I’ll tell all of my friends and family about it.

Rated 5 out of 5

The right place to receive a massage; the therapists are quite knowledgeable about all massage techniques. They make you happy and help you relax. I suggest to every one of my friends and family about Massagefinder.

Rated 5 out of 5

The best place for getting a massage, the therapists here are so skilled with all the massage techniques. They make you feel good and calm your mind. I recommend Massagefinder to all my friends and family.

Rated 5 out of 5

I booked a foot massage here. The therapist gave a relaxing massage for my feet with their magical hands. My leg and foot discomfort are treated thanks to Massagefinder. I am quite pleased with their service.

Rated 5 out of 5

I had a body massage, which gave a relaxing feel. I felt fantastic and rejuvenated after getting the massage. The staff was friendly and welcomed me with a water bottle. I appreciate the therapist who gave me a body massage. The massage session as a whole was enjoyable for me.


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