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Body Massage in Munekolala

Take a day break from all the stress, tension and pressure by relaxing the body. We follow our work routine and forget to allot time for relaxing ourselves. If we didn’t give time for our body to rest, our body will choose a day. So, relax the body by getting a Massage in Munekolala and get a delightful experience. Book your appointment through and enjoy every moment of the massage session. The common services that are offered at the spas are

1.Swedish massage in Munekolala
2.Aromatherapy massage in Munekolala
3.Deep tissue massage in Munekolala
4.Traditional Thai massage in Munekolala
5.Balinese massage in Munekolala

Massage therapy is a practice of using techniques like rolling, soothing, hitting, kneading, friction, rubbing and tapping. Performing these techniques will improve blood circulation in the body. Massages can help in healing the injuries, reducing depression, removing muscle knots and many others. Though massage is nothing but manipulation of the skin, it is called “manipulative therapy”.

Swedish Massage in Munekolala is the best massage for relieving stress. The therapist will use the different massage techniques to rejuvenate the body. As a first step, the therapist will assist you with some warmup techniques. Then apply the massage oils to reduce the skin friction-free. The strokes used in this massage will help in removing the muscle knots, pain and muscle inflammation. This massage is done by the therapist on a massage table or couch. The benefits of this massage are reducing stress, easing anxiety, reducing muscle pain and increasing cell productivity.

Deep tissue massage is highly suggested for chronic muscle pain. During the massage, the therapist will give deep pressure on the tissues to remove the muscle knots. When we do heavy work, the pain and stress get accumulated under the tissues which may lead to muscle knots and inflammation. The therapist will gradually increase the pressure of the techniques, which will remove the stress and restore the energy. The benefits of this massage are the faster recovery of injuries, improves healing, increases count of RBC and removes the waste from the skin surface.

An aromatherapy massage is an aromatic therapy that is the favourite massage of many people. The uniqueness of this massage is, this massage uses many kinds of essential oils. The practice of essential oils will clean up the skin, improve the glowness, improve the texture and other physical benefits. Some of the aromatic oils used in this massage are geranium, rosemary, jasmine, ylang-ylang, frankincense, lavender and peppermint. The benefits of this massage are reducing body pain, treating insomnia, easing depression, improving sleep, treating headaches and migraine, promoting good digestion and improving concentration.

Traditional Thai massage is also known as “yoga massage therapy”, which only includes the practice of yoga. This massage mainly focuses on increasing the healing capacity of the body. During the Body Massage in Munekolala, the therapist will assist some of the yoga postures that help in regulating the seven chakras in the body. The imbalance of these chakras will make the body sick. Thai massage will regulate the energy flow in the body. The benefits of Thai massage are treating headaches, increasing blood circulation, boost up energy, improving range of motion and increasing muscle flexibility.

Balinese massage is somewhat like aromatherapy massage that includes essential oils. They both are similar in techniques but vary in style. The aromatic oil used in this massage will stimulate the hypothalamus part of the brain. It will increase the energy flow and immunity in the body. This massage benefits in reducing the stress, keeping the skin nourished, removing the strain in the muscles, removing muscle pain, increasing the secretion of happy hormones and improving memory power. Get your Balinese massage in the best Massage Centre in Munekolala.


Munekolala is a busy place in Bangalore that is surrounded by schools, colleges, academies, departmental stores, parks, stores, temples, hospitals and other facilities. The famous schools in Munekolala are Kidzee Munnekolala, Government School, Navaprajna Public School, Headsmart School, Narayana E Techno School, Vibgyor High School, Kids Castle preschool and Vagdevi Vilas School. These schools have all the facilities like good staffs, blackboard, benches, laboratories, playground, play equipment for children and so on. The popular parks in this area are Munnekolala park gate, Nisarga Park, Riviera Park, Jogging Park and Gbj Park. People use to visit these parks in their free time. Some people visit in the evening and the morning for walking and jogging.

The religious places in Munekolala are Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple, Shree Mariyamma Temple, Sri Pillekamma Devi Temple, Sai Baba Temple, Ganapathi Devasthaana Temple, Navagrha Temple, Muneeswara Temple and Sri Ayyappa Swami Temple.

In Munekolala there are many spas that offer all the massage treatments at a reasonable price. Choose your favourite therapy at the best Spa in Munekolala with the help of Book your appointment right now!.

FAQ About Massage in Munekolala

You can make your appointment by calling our receptionist or our customer service number. If you have any queries, you can clarify them with the receptionist while booking the appointment.

Arriving ten minutes before the appointment time is most advisable. So that you will get some time to make yourself comfortable. Within ten minutes, you can get relaxed and settle without any hurry.

Please don't hesitate to inform the therapist about your allergies. Inform the receptionist about your medical history while booking an appointment to suggest the best massage that suits you.

Usually, they will use essential oils and carrier oils during the massage. These oils are extracted from natural medicinal plants, so there are no side effects. Furthermore, you can inform the therapist if you dislike the oil smell.

It is entirely based on the massage you select. Mostly, try to wear loose clothes to be more comfortable for the therapist during the massage session.

We provide offers during festivals. For regular customers, we provide gift cards and vouchers.

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Rated 5 out of 5

It was a fantastic experience. It was the best massage experience I’ve ever had. The massage made me feel refreshed and relaxed. I am eagerly waiting for my next appointment.

Rated 5 out of 5

For a long time, I was looking for an excellent spa close to my home. The massage treatment is excellent and quite pleasant. The space was large, clean, and sanitary. The manager was courteous and helpful in assisting me in selecting a massage service. Thanks, Massagefinder.

Rated 5 out of 5

For the first time, I tried a Balinese massage here. All of my doubts were cleared by the staff here. There was a soothing and pleasant atmosphere there. It’s was a great experience, and I’ll suggest to all of my friends and family.

Rated 5 out of 5

The facility is well-kept, and the staff is friendly and helpful. They make you feel good and calm your mind. The environment is nice I am a regular customer of this place because of their excellent service. This is the best place to relax. Thanks,

Rated 5 out of 5

I booked a Swedish massage. The therapist performed many massage techniques. The place is well-kept and has a pleasant and relaxing ambiance. I thank the therapist who did my massage. I recommend this for my family and friends.

Rated 5 out of 5

I had a full body massage, which made me feel relaxed. I felt fantastic and rejuvenated after the massage. The staff was friendly and welcomed me with tea. I appreciate the therapist who gave me a body massage. The massage session as a whole was enjoyable.


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