Reasons To Get Trigger Point Massage Therapy

To get a strong and fit body we do many things like exercise and diet. Nowadays people want fast results without working for it. One of the methods that help you in improving your health naturally is massage. They are followed for almost hundreds of years and are very effective with the benefits. There are plenty of massages and they all vary from one another. Among many massages, trigger point massage is the one that follows the principle of acupressure. Here we are going to discuss the reasons to get trigger point massage therapy. Get your Massage in Velachery by booking your appointment right now!.

What are Trigger points?

Trigger points are nothing but specific areas that are found in the muscles of the body. When the pressure is applied to these points, it produces pain in the different parts. These trigger points are located all over the body. During the trigger point therapy, the therapist will apply pressure on these points. This will improve blood circulation to every organ and also helps in treating injuries and strains faster.

What is Trigger point massage?

A trigger point massage is one of the massages that work well on relieving muscle tension and body pain. If you are scared of high-pressure massages then this trigger point massage is suggested for you. You will have the question “does trigger point therapy work?”. Yes, it does, this massage completely follows the acupressure principle. During this massage, the therapist will press the trigger point one by one to regulate the corresponding organs. The blockages in the blood flow to the organs will affect the function of the organs. Trigger point massage will help you in removing the blockages and muscle knots. This massage is also known as pressure point massage.

Benefits of trigger point therapy

Trigger point massage benefits you in many ways and lets us discuss some of them here. If you are seeking a Body Massage in Anna Nagar, then check out Massagefinder for the best spas.

Reduce headache

Headaches occur due to many reasons like neck pain, shoulder pain, blockages in the nerves, and muscle pain. If the reason is muscle pain, the trigger point massage will help you in relieving headaches. Like other massages, this massage also includes some stretches which will remove all the muscle pain and knots. This will calm down the nervous system and also reduces the headache. Trigger point therapy for headaches is the best choice.

Improves muscles flexibility

Muscle flexibility is an important factor for athletes and sportspersons. The high amount of pain accumulation in the tissues will block the sufficient amount of blood flow to muscles. To improve the blood circulation the therapist will apply pressure on the acupressure liver 3 which is located just above the joining of the big toe and the next toe. Massaging the leg region will improve blood circulation all over the body muscle and increases the range of motion.

Treats stress and anxiety

Stress may occur due to overwork, lack of sleep, high pressure, body pain, and blockages in the energy flow. During the trigger point massage, the therapist will apply pressure on the hall of impression point which is located in between the two eyebrows. Pressing this point two to three times will reduce stress and anxiety.

Improves eyesight

In this modern world, we use computers, mobile phones, and laptops often. We work day and night without taking rest. Lack of sleep at night time will definitely affect our eyesight and the blood circulation to our eyes. Yu Yao is a trigger point that is located exactly at the middle of the eyebrow. Pressing this point will improve the blood circulation to the eyes and also improves your eyesight.

Increase the blood circulation

Lack of blood flow will affect the functioning of the organs. The therapist will massage the spleen-pancreas 6 trigger point that is situated above the ankle bone. Pressing this point on both legs will improve the blood circulation to the body.

In this blog, we have discussed the trigger point massage and its benefits. If you are looking for a Massage Centre in Chennai, then choose your spa in Massagefinder. Book your appointment right now!.