Science Based Benefits of Massage

Ever wonder how pain, fatigue, and anxiety are alleviated by any Massage in Chennai? To learn more about how massage actually works and its proven health effects, read this post.

While in several research, massage from the best Massage Centre Chennai has been shown to be helpful. 

Back Injury Pain 

A meta-analysis concluded that massage Spa in Chennai can benefit people with chronic back pain, especially when paired with exercise and education. 

Massage successfully treated chronic back pain by improving back function. .Massage from the reputed Massage Center in Velachery enhances blood flow, blocks muscle tissue pain channels, and signals body relief to the brain. 

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Life Satisfaction of Cancer Patients 

Massage decreased pain in cancer patients , especially those suffering from postoperative pain.

Therapeutic massage in 58 subjects undergoing chemotherapy decreased pain, exhaustion, nausea, and anxiety. Massage therapy decreased stress , anxiety, discomfort, and brought relief to 343 cancer patients in another study. Massage Chennai raises the levels of dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins and enkephalins, increasing pleasure and reducing pain. 

Manual lymphatic drainage reduced swollen lymph nodes in 31 women with breast cancer, which relieved pain and irritation from the best Body Massage Centre in Chennai. Manual draining of the lymph improves circulation and redirects waste away from lymph nodes.

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Recurring Headaches and Migraines 

In a clinical trial, massage reduced the frequency of migraines and increased sleep quality in 47 patients suffering from migraines. Myofascial release and intense ischaemic compression of the back, elbows, spine, and head were used in the Chennai Massage session. 

Massage decreased the severity of headache many people suffering from stress headaches (pain in the brain, stomach, and behind the eyes) in a clinical trial. Book Spa in Velachery, Now!

Massage strengthened headaches by reducing discomfort at the cause points in the neck and back. Responsive, uncomfortable regions of the body that are associated with stress headaches are trigger points. At these trigger points, Massage Velachery decreased pain receptor activation. 

Physical and mental tension is usually implicated in migraine causes. During the massage sessions, massage decreased tension by reducing heart rate, anxiety, and cortisol levels. By reducing levels of substance P and inflammatory agents that cause migraine pain, it caused longer periods of deep sleep. Book Massage in Velachery, Now!


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of pain, swollen muscles, and severe fatigue symptoms. In one study (DB-RCT), in 74 patients with fibromyalgia, massage decreased pain and anxiety. Book Massage Spa in Chennai, Now!

In another study, 50 women with fibromyalgia, manual lymphatic drainage treatment and connective tissue massage Spa Velachery reduced the pain level and strain. The body was reassured by both forms of massage, muscle spasms decreased, pain relieved, and blood flow increased. 

By decreasing the heart rate , blood pressure, and breathing rate, massage decreased pain and anxiety. Pain-killing and calming receptors (enkephalins and endorphins) have also been increased. Massage near me is the best phrase to search in Google for the best Spa results.


A persistent inflammation of joints that affects cartilage is arthritis. Massage treatment in adults with knee arthritis (DB-RCT) alleviated pain and stiffness. In recent survey patients with arthritis benefited from weekly Massage Spa Chennai sessions 

Massage reduces stress hormones and strengthens hormones that destroy pain. The massage pressure decreased joint stress by activating the receptors of muscle and connective tissue.

Healing of Stroke 

Electric acupuncture and massage increased shoulder and hand mobility in  patients with hemiplegia who had suffered a stroke. Relaxed muscles and increased drainage around blocked arteries and blood vessels were relaxed with acupuncture and massage from the Massage Centre in Chennai

Improving the quality of life and sensorimotor skills, touch massage helped rehabilitate maximum stroke patients by reducing anxiety and pain. Increased activation correlated with feelings of satisfaction and emotional control in brain regions. 

Facial therapy, including muscle exercise, massage, and meditation-relaxation, helped treat facial paralysis. Stimulated by electrical stimulation and massage, nerve cuts in muscle targets contribute to complete regeneration of muscle movement. Book Massage near Velachery, Now!

Scars burn 

In burn patients, Body Massage Chennai decreased pain, stopped itchiness, and enhanced scar appearance. By breaking down scar tissue and healing the skin, massage stopped scar tissue growth. Nerve fibres were also activated by massage to relieve pain, calm muscles and create a feeling of well-being. 

Birth and Labour 

In a systematic review,  women were trained for birth by vaginal massage in the final month of pregnancy, lowering the risk of damage and pain, increasing endurance, and declining muscle and soft tissue resistance. Best Massage Chennai, however, was only successful for women who had recently given birth to the vagina.  

Tension and Anxiety 

Massage decreased the anxiety associated with postoperative rehabilitation in a meta-analysis of maximum patients 

In many ICU patients, the Swedish massage decreased anxiety. .Relaxed muscle massage, improved circulation, slowed respiration and pain relief. Visit the best Massage Centre in Velachery, Now!

By reducing hormones that increase heart rate , breathing, and sweating , massage decreases anxiety and stress. 

Blood Pressure 

In a clinical trial, blood pressure was decreased by Swedish massage in women with elevated blood pressure. Blood pressure changes differ depending on the form of massage. 

A pain response, which elevated the heart rate and blood pressure, was triggered by trigger point therapy. By inhibiting the stress response (by activating the vagus nerve), the Swedish massage lowered blood pressure. Book Body Massage in Velachery Chennai, Now! by searching the phrase like Massage Spa near me!

In many patients, deep-tissue massage reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Massage reduces blood pressure and heart rate by increasing the consumption of oxygen, which can minimise the activation of the blood pressure-related pathway.

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