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Are you excited to experience a massage? If you are in search of the best Spa in Keelkattalai, then get into Le Bliss Spa. It is the best Massage Spa in Keelkattalai that pampers you with fabulous service. Massage is the one thing we all crave when we are stressed, depressed, and restless. Most of us get a massage and exfoliations only to get relaxed and calm ourselves. Many of us do not know the physical and mental benefits of getting a massage. During the massage, you will experience the feel of serenity in your body and soul. Experience the feeling by booking an appointment at Le Bliss Spa in Keelkattalai. The various services offered by us are :

  • Body Exfoliation
  • Hand Exfoliation
  • Feet Exfoliation
  • Facial

Massages make a way to connect and balance the energy of our body with the soul. During the massage, you can feel the energy that puts you in a relaxed state. The benefits of massages are beyond our imagination and getting a massage on a regular basis can treat all your physical and mental issues. Massages are of many kinds and differ in procedure and techniques. You can get all these massage services at Le Bliss Spa in Keelkattalai. Visit or call us to know more details.

Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation comes under the skin-care routine which is nothing but the removal of dead cells from our body. It includes chemical substances, granules, and tiny exfoliants to exfoliate the body. These exfoliants are rubbed on the skin surface which helps in cleaning the pores in the skin. Then the pores open up and absorb all the nutrients and minerals in the exfoliants. Then the body is fully wrapped with a plastic sheet so that the full body will get nourished and all the toxins will be removed. The exfoliants are of two types: natural and chemical exfoliants. In both the exfoliants, the ingredients get different. Everyone has a unique skin type and exfoliants differ for every skin type.

Hand and Feet Exfoliation

The other name for hand and feet exfoliation is Manicure and Pedicure. Manicure is a skin-care treatment for hands and pedicure is for feet. Manicure is preferred by almost all the people in this world. There are many types of manicures that differ in procedures. They are french manicure, regular manicure, hot oil manicure, and dip powder manicure. Manicure and pedicure both have the same procedure. The tools used in manicure are Nail clippers, Cuticle pusher, Nail buffer, Cuticle nipper, Nail brush, Manicure table, Nail cutter, and Cuticle remover. As the first step in a manicure, the expert will remove the nail polish from your nails. Then your hands will be cleaned completely and the extra cuticles will be removed using a cuticle remover. After this process, the nails will be shaped up. Further continued with a mask and moisturizer. This gives you attractive and gorgeous hands.

Pedicure also follows the same procedure and sometimes it includes a foot massage. Massage helps you in many ways, especially for women a foot massage is a highly recommended therapy. It reduces stress, depression, pressure, tension, menstrual cramps, increases the production of happy hormones such as dopamine, and serotonin.


A facial is a skin care treatment that includes cleaning the face, exfoliating, a face mask, and keeping it hydrated. A facial can help with unwanted hair removal, dead cell clearance, and cell alignment. A facial can treat dark spots, wrinkles, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimples. Different forms of facials are recommended for different skin types. Selecting an appropriate facial can avoid skin rashes and other skin problems. A fruit facial is a standard facial that brightens, shines, and smooths the skin. The enzymes in the fruit penetrate the skin’s pores and provide a deep clean. Your skin will be bright and clear after this facial.

Anti-aging facials improve your appearance and help you look younger than your original age. The face mask cream used in this facial reduces pores and fine wrinkles. This facial will also help you get rid of a tan.

A facial that does not employ any inorganic creams or lotions is known as an organic facial. The ingredients used in this facial are coffeeberry, curcumin, green tea, pomegranate, paper mulberry, arbutin, sugar, and other substances. Oils are used in this facial to keep the skin hydrated.

If you want glowing and clear skin get into Le Bliss Spa in keelkattalai that offers you all massage and spa services at your budget.


Keelkattalai is located in the southern part of Chennai and comes under Pallavaram municipality. It is well-linked with the road networks like Medavakkam Main Road and Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Radial Road. Keelkattalai has many high-tech restaurants and shops like Muniyandi Vilas, Subway, Alreef, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Raintree, Aarya Bhavan, Domino’s Pizza, Sri Krishna Sweets. The famous brands and shopping places like Girias, Reliance trends, Pandian stores, Bata, The MobileStore, Reliance Trends, Mega Mart, Poorvika Mobiles, Majestic, Mother’s World, Nilgiris, and Sathya’s are located here. And over here the Best Massage Center is Le Bliss Spa which renders you both massage and exfoliation services.

FAQ About Spa in Keelkattalai

Call our customer service @ +917305344552 and book your appointment. You can clarify all your doubts with them while booking your appointment.

You should be ten minutes before your appointment time. It may help you to prepare yourself and settle down.

You can reschedule your massage appointment for the next day by contacting the receptionist or customer service.

We will provide offers only during the festival session and we also provide gift cards to our regular customers.

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment by making a call to the receptionist. Please inform us before 24hrs because we can schedule it for another person.

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Rated 5 out of 5

As a professor, I need to work for the whole day without rest. One of my coworkers suggested taking a massage service. When I was looking for a professional massage center, I came to know about Le Bliss Spa. I expected the price to be too high, but it was within my budget. Their customer service is excellent.

Rated 5 out of 5

My friend sultan suggested Le Bliss Spa. I never tried a massage before and this is my first experience in this massage center. The therapist suggested a deep tissue massage as I had elbow pain for a long period of time. It really worked well, it was really good and beyond my expectations.

Rated 5 out of 5

I had a body massage in Le Bliss Spa last week. The massage was both relaxing and energizing. The ambiance was quite good and pleasant. The therapists here are quite nice and friendly. The restrooms are very clean and hygienic. The price here is affordable and reasonable.

Rated 5 out of 5

Le Bliss Spa is the best massage center in keelkattalai, which offers all types of massage and spa services at your budget. They have a professional therapist who gave me a brief explanation about the services they offer. I liked their service and also recommended it to everyone.

Rated 5 out of 5

I am an athletic coach. I train athletes to give their best performance. I don’t have time to care for my health. Finally, I had an aromatherapy massage at this spa. It regained all my lost energy. The therapist here allowed me to select the essentials based on my choice. The essential oil has a pleasant scent. Their service is very good. I will definitely recommend this massage to my students.


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