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Are you tired of the day? Wanna get some relaxation. Make your relaxing time so special by getting massage therapy in the best Spa in Perungudi. Massages help you in boosting up your mood and also regains your lost energy. Le Bliss spa is the best Body Massage Spa in Perungudi that offers the best massage and spa services at a reasonable price. The services offered at Le Bliss Spa are

  • Body Exfoliation
  • Hand Exfoliation
  • Feet Exfoliation
  • Facial Massage

Massages are one of the ancient practices to heal the body. This massage technique has been followed for almost thousands of years. Taking a massage regularly will be beneficial in many ways. At Le Bliss Spa we provide the best exfoliating services.

Body exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of employing a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliating equipment to remove dead cells and debris from the surface of your skin. Our skin sheds dead cells on a regular basis every 30 days. As we grow the shedding process gets slower down in which the exfoliation process helps us in removing all of the old cells. This body exfoliation includes two procedures: body scrub and a body wrap. These two processes make your skin smooth, shiny, and healthy. The body scrub is nothing but scrubbing the entire body using exfoliants. Every skin type differs from the usage of exfoliants. The second process in exfoliation is body wrap in which the whole body is wrapped or covered using a plastic sheet. The whole body exfoliation process makes your skin clear, smooth, clean, and healthy.

Hand and Feet Exfoliation

Due to UV rays, our hands and feet get damaged and tanned. These hand and feet exfoliators will help you in reducing the suntan. Hand exfoliation, often known as manicure, is the process of exfoliating your hands. Pedicure refers to the process of exfoliating the feet. Both of these exfoliators can be performed by ourselves, or we can get them from an expert. Exfoliating your hands can help you get rid of a tan, rashes, itching, dullness, and sagging skin. Some of the manicure equipment are a Cuticle remover, Nail buffer, Manicure table, Nail clippers, Nail brush, Nail cutter, Cuticle nipper, Cuticle pusher, and so on.

Pedicure is the foot exfoliation that all women get to make their feet look nice. Some of the pedicure tools are Nail Buffer, Toenail Clippers, Pedicure Spa, Pumice stones, Towels, Orangewood sticks, Toe Spacers, and Toe separators. The majority of spas include a foot massage as part of the pedicure service. When you have a foot massage, you will feel like you are in heaven. This foot massage will be very beneficial for women, girls, and pregnant ladies.


One of the best methods to have clear and shining skin is facial. The facial is a procedure for eliminating dead cells and debris from the facial tissue. The process includes cleaning, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, exfoliation, face mask, and moisturizer. Some of the facials are acne facials, fruit facials, organic facials, aromatherapy facials, golden facials, collagen facials, anti-oxidant facials, and other types of facials.

A fruit facial is a popular facial treatment that brightens, shines, and smooths the skin. The fruit’s enzymes infiltrate the skin’s pores and clean them thoroughly. After this facial, your skin will be bright and clear. An anti-aging facial is one of the most popular facial treatments among women. A golden facial is one that will give you a shining of gold. This facial is mostly recommended for occasions and special days. Le Bliss Spa in Chennai offers you all kinds of exfoliators and massage services at the lowest price. Get a service here and get rejuvenated.


Perungudi is a residential area in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is very near to the south part of Adyar. The nearby areas of Perungudi are Velachery, Tharamani, Neelangarai, Thoraipakkam, and Thiruvanmyur.

The famous schools in Perungudi are S.S.M.S, Arumbugal Nagar, Bharathy High School, St. Gabriels, GHS, and Thiruchendurai. The famous colleges in Perungudi are Cauvery College Of Engineering and Technology and Kamatchi Polytechnic College. The popular temple in Perungudi is Balasubramaniar in which Saneeshwarar is the main god. There are many IT companies near Perungudi and this area is the home for most software engineers. One of the landmarks in Perungudi is Perungudi lake which is located in Rajiv Gandhi salai. It is the major water source for the nearby agricultural lands. Perungudi is well connected to other areas by bus service. One of the best spas in Perungudi is Le Bliss Spa that renders you with both massage and spa services.

FAQ About Spa in Perungudi

Call our customer service @ +917305344552 and book your appointment. You can clarify all your doubts with them while booking your appointment.

You should be ten minutes before your appointment time. It may help you to prepare yourself and settle down.

You can reschedule your massage appointment for the next day by contacting the receptionist or customer service.

We will provide offers only during the festival session and we also provide gift cards to our regular customers.

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment by making a call to the receptionist. Please inform us before 24hrs because we can schedule it for another person.

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Rated 5 out of 5

As a software engineer, sometimes I work the night shift. Due to this, I feel more tired and sleepy. Usually, for my body pain, I will take a body massage at Le bliss Spa. Only after that, will I be good and fresh. I recommend everyone to have a try. They offer all kinds of body massages. You can choose a massage according to your wish.

Rated 5 out of 5

I have a habit of studying at night. As a result, it gave me dark circles and dots under my eyes. For my black dots, I’ve tried a variety of creams and lotions. Then I had a body massage in Le Bliss Spa, which gave me a relaxed feel. It also reduced my dark circle and black dots. Thanks to the therapist who did my massage.

Rated 5 out of 5

I have sagging skin and my skin is used to getting tan quickly. I’m not sure how to handle my sensitive skin. A manicure in this Spa was recommended by a friend. Yes, it worked; I was able to get rid of all of my tans in just two sessions. I will suggest this spa to everyone.

Rated 5 out of 5

I took a body massage here. When I entered the spa I was really shy, but the therapist treated me in a friendly manner and replied patiently to all of my questions, which made me feel at ease. It was a pleasant experience, and this is the best massage I’ve ever had.

Rated 5 out of 5

I received a body massage here last week. This Spa’s therapist is really patient and gives excellent service. The body massage was quite relaxing, and a wonderful massage experience. The infrastructure is pleasant and soothing. I recommend everyone to try it once. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa.

Rated 5 out of 5

My hands have many scars. I’ve tried a variety of products and, finally, a manicure at Le Bliss Spa. It took two sessions to eliminate the scars on my hand. I suggest everyone visit this spa. Thanks! Le Bliss Spa for your service.


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