Surprising Benefits of Getting Foot Massage Therapy

We stand, walk and travel to many places in a single day. Apart from fun, it will give you body pain and swelling in the feet. When we go to bed, our feet crave a massage. Give a foot massage for your small feet and get rid of all the pains. There are many massages and techniques practiced that are also different. All the massages focus on relaxing the body and promotes your mood. Every massage has its unique benefit and here let us discuss some of the surprising benefits of getting foot massage therapy. If you are seeking a Spa in Velachery, choose the best spa with the help of Massagefinder

Foot Massage Therapy

Foot massage is an old practice that has been followed for hundreds of years. People believe that applying pressure for 7,000 nerves simultaneously will remove all the blockages in the energy channels of the body. Foot massage is almost similar to reflexology, but they both help in relieving stress and speed up the recovery of injuries. Basically, the traditional foot massage includes the practice of sticks and rollers to stimulate the blood flow in the body. When you give a gentle rub to your foot before going to bed, it will improve your overall health mentally and physically. Get your foot massage therapy right now at your favourite Massage Spa in Chennai.

How to give foot massage?

You can do the foot massage by yourself or else you can get it from a professional therapist. Only a therapist will know the trigger points in the foot and also give you a professional foot massage. The therapist will wash your feet with the hot water in the foot water tub. Then your feet are massaged with massage oil or lotion to prepare the muscle for further massage. Before applying the oil to your body, the therapist will pour some in his/her hands and rub it to heat it up, and after that, they will apply it to your body. The therapist will rub the top of the foot in a circular motion with the thumb and the forefinger. Then further continued with a massage at the ankle region. After completing the ankle part, the therapist will continue with the backside of your feet. While massaging the backside, the therapist will give more pressure that will improve the blood circulation. Then, all your toes are twisted one by one and the knots are removed. At last, the therapist will massage the pad of the foot with high pressure where the trigger points are located. This will promote good blood circulation and give you healthy organs. Applying pressure on the outside of the right foot will promote the function of the liver. Outside of the left foot is responsible for the spleen. Massaging the toes will promote blood circulation for the head and face region. The sole of the feet is responsible for the function of the kidney. Now, you will have a clear idea about how to do foot massage. 

Benefits of foot massage

Though foot massage has many benefits, let us discuss some of them further. Get all the foot massage by booking your massage appointment at the Best Spa in Anna Nagar

Increases blood circulation

In this systematic world, we often use sitting and lying positions which will reduce the blood flow in our body. Even we don’t have time to exercise or for a diet. In this case, massage will help you to increase the RBC count. A ten-twenty minutes of foot massage before going to bed will improve the blood flow to the legs, feet, and heart. For diabetes patients, getting a massage will be more beneficial. 

Maintains blood pressure

High blood pressure became a common one that is the result of stress, tension, pressure, anxiety, and depression. When we walk, the stress is accumulated at the sole of the foot which may lead to body pain. Massaging the sole region will remove the tension at the sole and also reduce the blood pressure level. Getting a foot massage per week regularly maintains your blood pressure level. 

Promotes sleep

We start and end your day with phones which may affect your sleep. Sleep is the most important factor for a healthy body. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for your sleep. Massaging your feet will help in increased secretion of melatonin which gives you a better sleep. 

In this blog, we have discussed foot massage therapy and its benefits. If you are looking for a Body Massage in Chennai, then get your appointment now!.