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If you are seeking a Massage Centre in Taramani? You are in the right place. Get a professional Body Massage in Taramani at Le Bliss Spa. Massages can reduce all your stress and anxiety in a minute. Turnout your stressful day into a blissful one by booking a massage appointment at Le Bliss Spa. The massage therapists at Le Bliss Spa are professionals and they use standard techniques during the massage. Le Bliss Spa is the best spa that renders you the professional Massage in Taramani.

Le Bliss spa offers you all kind of massages and some of them are

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage

Try out a Body Massage at Le Bliss Spa in Taramani and enjoy your day with freshness. Call us @ +917305344552 to book your massage appointment at Le Bliss Spa. Visit Le Bliss Spa at Taramani today and enjoy your massage.

Massage is an old practice of balancing our body and mind. Ancient people followed some self-care methods like meditation, yoga, and so on to balance their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually. People also believed that massages play a major role in balancing the Sen energy lines. The imbalance of body energy with the surrounding can reduce or block the energy level and make us fall sick.

Aromatherapy is a massage that is practiced using essential oils. The usage of essential oils dates back to 6000 years, which has multiple health benefits. Scientifically, the fragrance of aromatic oils can trigger our minds. The sensory nerve in our nose is directly connected to the nerves responsible for emotions and memory points. The most commonly used essential oil is Lavender which is extracted from the plant Lavandula Latifolia Vill. The pure form of oil is extracted from the distillation process of the stem.

Deep tissue massage is a musculoskeletal massage that involves gradual pressure and slow strokes to reach the inner layers of the muscle. This massage is mostly recommended for sportsperson and athlete. During this massage, the therapist will increase the pressure level gradually to warm up the muscles. This massage benefits us in removing muscle knots, treats postural problems, helps with a sleeping disorder, treats back pain, removes muscle inflammation, and treats chronic shoulder pain. This massage is an effective massage for people with chronic neck pain.

Swedish Body Massage in Taramani is a classic massage therapy that involves techniques like pulling, rolling, kneading, tapping, hitting, applying pressure, rubbing, soothing, compressing, and pressing. The main purpose of this massage is extreme relaxation and freshness. This massage can refill all your lost energy within a minute. First of all, the therapist will nourish the skin with massage oil and continues to massage with firm pressure. The therapists will perform the massage using hands, forearms, fingers, palms, and feet. Swedish massage helps with chronic pains and sprained ankles.

Balinese Massage is a type of full-body massage which is more popular on the island of Bali. Balinese people treat this massage as their traditional massage and followed this for many years. Like aromatherapy massage, this massage also uses essential oils. In this massage, the therapist uses deep pressure to treat muscle knots and muscle damage. Frangipani is a rare type of essential oil that is extracted from the plant plumeria which is found only on the island of Bali. Most people visit Bali to enjoy this Balinese massage.

Traditional Thai Massage in Taramani is a physical therapy that includes techniques like acupressure, stretches, and yoga asanas. In Thailand, this massage is practiced for many people in the same hall. This Thai massage includes some unique yoga asanas which help us regulate our breathing, digestive, and excretory system. Yoga postures included in this massage benefits us in treating the sleeping disorder, increases blood circulation, and increases immune power. Also, this massage helps in balancing the Sen energy in our body.

Taramani is located in the southern part of Chennai city. The nearby areas of Taramani are Adyar, Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Velachery, and Perungudi. One of the important roads in Taramani is Taramani Link Road which connects Taramani with the area Velachery.

The educational institutes in Taramani are Central Polytechnic, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Institute of Polymer Technology, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Tidel Park, Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research, Institute of Printing Technology, Institute of Textile Technology, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, National Institute of Fashion Technology, The School of Excellence in Law, IIT Research Park, and Asian College of Journalism.

The worship places in Taramani are Panchamukha Hanuman Temple, Periyapalayam Sri Bhavani Amman Temple, St.Antony’s Church Tharamani, Living Revival Church, Peeli Amman Temple, C.S.I. St.Mark’s Church, Masjid-E-Allah & Madrasa, Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple, and Saviour Jesus Christ Church. The famous parks in Taramani are Guindy national park, TNSCB colony park, Visual dream park, Indira Gandhi park, and Corporation park.

The famous shopping malls in Taramani are Krishna shopping mall, Grand Square shopping mall, Palladium shopping mall, Raja Rathna shopping mall, S shopping mall, and Abhirami shopping mall. These are the shopping malls with branded products that attract people more. Taramani has a bus terminal that connects many major cities in Chennai.

FAQ About Body Massage in Taramani

You can book your appointments by contacting our customer service number 7305344552. You can clarify all your doubts with the receptionist while booking your appointment.

Please be ten minutes before your appointment time. This will help you to get ready and settle down without any hurry.

You can inform your allergies to the receptionist while booking the appointment. Also, inform the therapist before the massage session.

Swedish massage is the best massage for dry skin. This massage will nourish your skin and increase oil secretion in the epidermis layer.

It is based on the massage service you select. Mostly, loose clothes are suggested during the massage session.

Yes, we provide offers during special occasions and we also provide gift cards for our customers for their regular visit.

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Rated 5 out of 5

I have taken massages in many places. My favorite massage is Thai massage. The therapists here are professionals with standard techniques. The Thai massage I took here was very nice and now my favorite spa is Le bliss Spa.

Nithin Reddy
Rated 5 out of 5

I am a sportsperson and took a body massage here. It gave me more relief from my chronic pains. The environment here is very good and I recommend this to everyone. Thanks, Le bliss spa.

Rated 5 out of 5

I will usually take a massage for my shoulder pain. I took a body massage which gave me mental peace. The therapist asks about the pain points before starting the massage. Excellent service provided at Le Bliss spa!.

Rated 5 out of 5

I was looking for a good spa near my house. Le Bliss Spa is a good and affordable spa. The Receptionist treated me well and cleared all my doubts patiently. The Ambience was pleasant and nice.

Rated 5 out of 5

I love to take massages. Mostly I will take a massage at least twice a month. I took a body massage here. Really, it’s good and I will suggest this to my friends.


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