When the eyes are droopy and sleepy, it is very hard to feel fresh and glossy, because of those annoying bags under them. They are a symptom of tension and fatigue. To get rid of under eye bags and dark circles, many Spa in Chennai have come up with some fast and successful tips.

Your skin loses some of its elasticity at some age. Environmental conditions, such as sun exposure, as well as genetics, play an important role in how early wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on the face of a human. 

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The skin around your eyes is an area that is likely to display early symptoms of ageing, since the thin skin of blood vessels is the area under your eyeball. 

It is a natural aspect of being older to get lines between your eyes. You should fix them by many prevention measures and home remedies or from any Massage Centre Chennai if these lines make you feel self-conscious. 

Go potato: Cool the raw potato for a few minutes and break it into two and softly surround the closed eyes with the pieces. Place it over the eyes and leave for around 20 minutes to mask the puffed areas under the eyes. In the size of the bags and even in the intensity of the dark circles, you will find a big improvement. Book Massage Chennai, Now!

Milky way: If you have eyes with dark deep circles that are highly puffed out, then this is one of the standard regimes that you will have to obey. In the chilled milk, dip the cotton pads and put on the eyelids and relax for 20-30 minutes. This allows the eyes to hold water and it will cool them off as well. Search phrase like Spa near me helps you to get the best result for the Massage Center Velachery.

Oily help: In a bowl of chilled water, apply a few drops of vitamin E oil and mix it well. To absorb the contents and put them on your eyes for about 20 minutes, dip the cotton pads in this mixture for a couple of minutes, to reduce the swelling around the eyes. Book Massage Parlour in Chennai, Now!

Cucumber relief: One of the normal and excellent ways of minimising eye puffiness is cucumber relief. Slice and put a fresh refrigerated cucumber over the eyes for 30 minutes. Fall into a brief sleep and calm your eyes with the cold relaxing cucumber slices. This makes your eyes refreshed and you feel new. The anti-inflammatory effects of the cucumber are directly tackled by reducing the puffiness of the eyes.

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Hydrate your body: Drink water as much as possible, but only during the season. Yeah, as you hold sweat, it appears counter-intuitive, and hydrating the body decreases puffiness under the eyes. So, it’s advisable to drink a glass of water if you find your eyes getting a little droopy from the Massage Centre in Velachery.

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